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CIBA VISION® Corporation was established in 1980

CIBA VISION® Corporation was established in 1980 as a diversification effort of Ciba-Geigy's USA Pharmaceutical Division headquartered in Atlanta, GA, U.S. In 1996, Ciba–Geigy merged with Sandoz to form Novartis, one of the world's leading healthcare companies, and CIBA VISION® became the eye care unit of Novartis.

Through innovation, strategic acquisition and an ability to quickly meet market developments and emerging technologies, CIBA VISION® has grown from a start–up to a company that sold more than 1.9 billion lenses in 2009 to address the eye care needs of the patients we serve. Our products not only improve patients' vision, they also enhance self-esteem, appearance and well-being, and ultimately make their lives better by allowing for freedom of vision and superior comfort to match today's active lifestyles and demands.

At the heart of our business is a relentless desire to make a difference in people's lives by improving, protecting and preserving eyesight.  This commitment, which requires exceptionally high quality standards and cutting-edge innovation, is best expressed in the CIBA VISION® mission statement, "Shared Passion for Healthy Vision and Better Life."  Our mission guides our 5,900 employees and our customers to deliver the dream of healthy vision and better lives today and in the future.


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